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  • Introduction to surface treatment processes such as shot blasting, shot blasting, sand blasting, etc.


    Shot blastShot blasting is the name of a mechanical surface treatment process. Similar processes include sandblasting and shot blasting. The principle of shot blasting is to use a motor to drive the impeller body to rotate (directly drive or use a V-belt drive), and rely on centrifugal force to blast shots with a diameter of about 0.2 to 3.0 (including cast steel shots, steel wire cut shots, stainless steel shots, etc.) Type) Throw to the surface of the workpiece to make the surface of the workp

  • Aluminum alloy die castings-four main points of sandblasting process


    As a popular process for aluminum alloy die castings, sandblasting is widely used in various aluminum alloy shell die castings

  • Metal surface treatment-shot peening process introduction


    Shot peening uses a high-pressure fan or compressed air as power to eject the 0.2-2.5mm diameter projectiles and impact the metal surface. Widely used in the extinction and descaling of metal surfaces; improve the mechanical strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of parts; eliminate the residual stress of casting, forging and welding parts.

  • Advantages of robot automatic sandblasting machine


    According to market demand, in the future, we will closely integrate industrial robot technology, vigorously improve the automation and intelligence of sandblasting machines, and focus on liberating labor, improving productivity, and reducing the production cost of enterprises for the purpose of accelerating the surface treatment industry in China’s Industry 4.0 Comprehensive layout of the times.

  • Shot peening technology in shot peening treatment for aviation manufacturing


    Shot peening, as a surface strengthening process, has a long history dating back to 2700 BC. According to records, blacksmiths at the time had realized that metal that was hammered in a cold state could become harder.

  • Sandblasting and rust removal technology for steel structures, guardrails, and pipelines of offshore platforms


    Sandblasting and rust removal of offshore platforms, cleaning up old paint corrosion and rust spots on guardrail fences, pipes, steel structures, etc.!

  • Strengthening technology of spring


    Protective atmosphere heat treatment, induction heating or protective atmosphere induction heating heat treatment, surface nitriding heat treatment technology, shot peening process of spring

  • Shot Peening Technology for the Integral Panel of Supercritical Wings of Large Aircraft


    Have you ever known that the successful development of the ARJ21 aircraft is inseparable from the small pellets with a size of less than 4 mm or even smaller, and the successful development of the ARJ21 aircraft supercritical wing panel's complex aerodynamic profile is even more inseparable from these small pellets grain.

  • Dacromet surface treatment technology and development


    The traditional Dacromet solution contains 6-8% CrO3, and it is easy to leave +6 valent chromium after processing, which can cause pollution and even carcinogenic to the human body, and cannot meet the requirements of the automobile and other industries for the content of toxic substances. The United States, Germany, Japan, China and other countries have successively developed and improved Dacromet technology, forming a new type of Dacromet chromium-free coating technology.

  • Technical requirements for coating of ship outfitting parts


    This standard specifies the surface treatment of ship outfitting parts, paint matching, painting requirements before boarding and installation, and painting requirements and inspection requirements for outfitting parts after installation. The painting construction refers to the painting construction process of the main hull.

  • Shot Peening Technology of Gear Surface


    Shot peening is a controlled shot peening technique, which is different from shot peening. Shot blasting aims to remove oil stains, oxide scale, rust and machining burrs on the surface of the workpiece.

  • Application of Residual Stress Test in Shot Peening Process Monitoring


    Shot peening, as an important strengthening process for auto parts, is widely used in automobile production. In the past, the arc high film was used to control the shot peening effect, and the result did not match the actual product life.

  • What are the advantages of the glass sandblasting process and how to make the glass frosting effect


    Glass has good see-through, light transmission properties, high chemical stability, and can obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect according to different processing methods, and can even make the glass autonomously change color and isolate excessive light, so it is commonly used To meet different needs in all walks of life. Next, please look at the glass frosting process and the production method of the glass frosting effect to enhance your understanding.

  • What factors will affect the blasting effect of the blasting machine?


    The factors that affect the roughness of the surface are the strength and hardness of the part material, the diameter of sandblasting, the angle and speed of sandblasting, and the original surface roughness of the part.
    Strength and surface hardness of the part material, the more difficult the plastic deformation, the shallower the crater, the smaller the surface roughness value; the smaller the diameter of the sandblasting, the slower the speed, the shallower the crater , The surface roughness value becomes smaller

  • Sandblasting equipment used in roll texturing


    This roller sand blasting equipment is used for sandblasting of electroplated rollers, rollers, pattern rollers, roller shafts, and roller rubber rollers. Automatic roller sandblasting is mainly suitable for the surface treatment of mechanical rollers in paper towels, paper products, film (stretched film), leather products and other industries.

  • On November 19, 2019, the customized liquid sandblasting machine for automotive repair was successfully completed


    Used in car repair liquid sandblasting machine uses sand and water mixed sandblasting to make the surface more delicate and less abrasive consumption; its spray gun can be fixed or hand-held operation, light and flexible, suitable for surface treatment of workpieces and products, matte finish The sandblasting treatment is mainly used in the cleaning, cleaning, roughness, finishing, removing the front, descaling, beautifying, increasing adhesion, decontamination and other production process requirements of the wheel surface treatment treatment, due to the production process and output According to different requirements, the blast cleaning equipment for automobile wheels can also choose manual blasting machine, automatic intermittent blasting machine or non-standard customized automatic blasting equipment.


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