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Aluminum alloy die castings-four main points of sandblasting process


As a popular process for aluminum alloy die castings, sandblasting technology is widely used in various aluminum alloy shell die castings. If you want to make exquisite aluminum alloy die castings, you need to pay attention to four points in the aluminum alloy shell processing-sandblasting process:

First, the surface of the aluminum alloy die casting shell should be cleaned before sandblasting. The cleaning process is to remove the surface oil and dirt with sulfuric acid, and then neutralize it with alkali after pickling;

Second, after pickling, dry or dry the aluminum alloy shell die casting to inspect the surface, mainly to check whether it is cleaned, whether there is watermark, whether there is yellowing, etc.

Third, sandblasting is the process of roughening the surface of the aluminum alloy shell through the impact of high-speed sand flow. The model of sand used is generally 30#——320#, the larger the value, the smaller the sand. The roughness of the sand on the surface of the aluminum alloy shell is determined by the sand type and the blasting pressure. Under the same pressure, the larger the sand value, the finer the surface; and the same sand type, the greater the pressure, the coarser the surface .

Fourth, sandblasting is divided into manual sandblasting and automatic sandblasting. Manual blasting efficiency is relatively slow, and sometimes the blasting is uneven; automatic blasting efficiency is high, and the surface thickness is uniform.

The application of aluminum alloy die-casting industry is becoming more and more extensive, and more and more products are replaced by aluminum alloy. If you want to make exquisite-looking aluminum alloy shell die-casting parts, you also need to go through a series of external surface treatments, and the sandblasting process is used in aluminum alloy. It is more common in shell processing, and the effect after processing is also deeply loved by consumers!


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