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On November 19, 2019, the customized liquid sandblasting machine for automotive repair was successfully completed

Used in car repair liquid sandblasting machine uses sand and water mixed sandblasting to make the surface more delicate and less abrasive consumption; its spray gun can be fixed or hand-held operation, light and flexible, suitable for surface treatment of workpieces and products, matte finish The sandblasting treatment is mainly used in the cleaning, cleaning, roughness, finishing, removing the front, descaling, beautifying, increasing adhesion, decontamination and other production process requirements of the wheel surface treatment treatment, due to the production process and output According to different requirements, the blast cleaning equipment for automobile wheels can also choose manual blasting machine, automatic intermittent blasting machine or non-standard customized automatic blasting equipment.


The general composition and working principle of liquid sandblasting machine

Liquid sandblasting machine is a new type of sandblasting equipment, which is a major change in sandblasting processing methods. It has been affirmed and welcomed by the user department as soon as it came out. It can be widely used in aerospace, electronics industry, weapon industry, automation, optics and other instrumentation industries; machine tools, molds, hydraulic parts, hardware tools, automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, power machinery and train locomotives and other factories, textile machinery, Medical equipment, chemical machinery, metal materials, intraocular lenses, springs, metal processing industries and industries with high precision requirements such as dentistry, jewelry, watches and glasses.

1. General composition

A complete liquid sandblasting machine generally consists of five systems, namely structural system, medium power system, pipeline system, control system and auxiliary system. To

2. working principle 

The liquid sandblasting machine uses the grinding liquid pump as the supply power of the grinding liquid, and the uniformly stirred grinding liquid (the mixture of abrasive and water) is delivered to the spray gun through the grinding liquid pump. As the acceleration power of the grinding liquid, the compressed air enters the spray gun through the air pipe. In the spray gun, the compressed air accelerates the grinding liquid entering the spray gun, and is ejected through the nozzle and sprayed to the processed surface to achieve the expected processing purpose. In the liquid sandblasting machine, the grinding fluid pump is the power supply, and the compressed air is the acceleration power.

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