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Shot Peening Technology for the Integral Panel of Supercritical Wings of Large Aircraft

Have you ever known that the successful development of the ARJ21 aircraft is inseparable from the small pellets with a size of less than 4 mm or even smaller, and the successful development of the ARJ21 aircraft supercritical wing panel's complex aerodynamic profile is even more inseparable from these small pellets grain. It is no exaggeration to say that the small pellets have made ARJ21 aircraft, and the small pellets have made China's civil aircraft industry. Although the pellets are small, the effect is magical. It can be used to clean sand blowing on castings, descaling of forgings, rust removal of steel products and surface modification, etc., and to clean up aircraft paint coatings. Shot peening is developed from shot peening. In the early 1950s, the shot peening technology was first applied to the shot peening of the wing panels of the US Constellation aircraft.

Domestic research on shot peening technology started relatively late, beginning in the late 1960s. AVIC Beijing Aviation Manufacturing Engineering Research Institute (referred to as "Manufacturing Institute") is a domestic scientific research unit engaged in the research of siding shot peening technology. Everything was difficult at the beginning, and the lack of technical materials made it difficult to carry out research on shot peening technology at that time. By the end of the 1980s, the factory basically mastered the shot peening process for the integral wall panel of the straight airfoil wing with shot peening, supplemented by mechanical shape correction and hammer percussion, and established the aircraft wall. Technical standards for sheet shot peening, related engineering manuals have been compiled, and the shot peening technology system and its supporting equipment have been basically completed.


In the early 1990s, the domestic research on shot peening technology ushered in the second climax. The manufacturer carefully selects models and introduces domestic CNC spray (shot) blasting machines. By the mid-1990s, he had mastered the jet blasting (shot) blasting forming technology for the 6-meter-level integral wing panels, which enabled the domestic shot peening technology to enter the era of numerical control. In the same period, the manufacturing institute successfully developed a numerical control spray (shot) blasting machine independently. Relevant technology and equipment research results were awarded with ministerial-level scientific and technological achievement awards. At the same time, the factory focused on the development of pre-stressed spray (shot) shot peening forming technology, and explored and studied the spray (shot) blasting forming technology of supercritical wing integral wall panels in China, and finally formed a valuable supercritical wing integral wall panel spraying technology. (Shot) blast forming technology idea. In addition, AEIOO aircraft created a new era of domestic supercritical wing and its integral panel spray (shot) blasting forming technology research era. Unlike the previous straight-grained or predominantly straight-grained wing integral wall panels, which are shot peened along the equal percentage line by narrow strips, the supercritical wing integral wall panel does not have equal percentage lines and the shape is not only chordwise and curved. Bending and twisting in the span direction, its shot peening is as difficult as it is for a tiger to eat the sky. In the end, the factory broke the foreign technology monopoly and blockade, and overcame the ARJ21 supercritical wing integral wall panel shot peening technology, making China the third country in the world to master the supercritical wing integral wall panel shot peening technology.

So far, my country has achieved real shot peening, and the life span of domestically-made airplanes of 60,000 to 90,000 flight hours is no longer a luxury. These research results have laid a solid foundation for domestic civil aircraft research, production and industrial development, and have left a strong mark in the development history of domestic civil aircraft industry. In recent years, the manufacturing company has set an international record for the height of the ribs, which is a worldwide problem of shot peening of large and complex ribbed integral panels. It has overcome the technical problems of shot peening of large and complex ribbed integral panels and laid a foundation for the development of domestic large aircraft. A solid and reliable technical foundation.

In the future, a promising China needs an extremely powerful aviation industry. A strong aviation industry will provide a broad and beautiful development space for shot peening technology. Small pellets will continue to create one magic after another.

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