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Technical requirements for coating of ship outfitting parts

1 Scope

This standard specifies the surface treatment of ship outfitting parts, paint matching, painting requirements before boarding and installation, and painting requirements and inspection requirements for outfitting parts after installation. The painting construction refers to the painting construction process of the main hull.

This standard is applicable to the coating construction and inspection of ship steel outfitting parts manufactured by ourselves or outsourced.

This standard does not apply to the painting construction and inspection of outfitting parts in the cargo tanks of product oil tankers and the outfitting parts specified in the painting matching table.

The coating construction and inspection of iron outfitting parts of wind power projects or other projects can be implemented by reference.

2. Normative references

The clauses in the following documents become clauses of this standard after being quoted. For dated reference documents, all subsequent amendments (excluding errata content) or revisions do not apply to this standard.

GB/T 8923 Rust grade and derusting grade of steel surface before coating (equivalent to ISO8501-1:1988)

CB/T 3798-1997 ship steel outfitting coating requirements

CB/T 3513-93 Technical requirements for quality acceptance of ship derusting coating

3. Surface treatment and coating of outfitting parts

3.1. Requirements for raw material pretreatment of outfitting parts

All steel materials with a thickness ≥ 6mm used in the manufacture of outfitting parts need to be pretreated.

3.2. Requirements for surface treatment of outfitting parts before painting

3.2.1. Due to special reasons, steel materials with a thickness of ≥6mm are not pre-treated for outfitting parts, prior to coating, the overall shot blasting/sand blasting treatment is preferred, and the surface treatment requirements shall reach Sa2.5 level according to GB/T8923. The steel surface If the abrasive jet treatment cannot be carried out, it shall be processed to the required level by pickling or other approved treatment methods (refer to Table 1 requirements). 3.2.2. Outfitting parts whose raw materials have been pretreated and coated with shop primer must be derusted a second time before painting. Power tools can be used for secondary rust removal, or shot blasting/sand treatment can be used if conditions permit. The requirements for secondary rust removal are in accordance with Table 1. For the parts of the workshop primer that are basically intact, unless otherwise specified, only the surface contaminants such as the powdered layer, stains and white rust of the workshop primer need to be removed.


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