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  • Strengthening technology of spring


    Protective atmosphere heat treatment, induction heating or protective atmosphere induction heating heat treatment, surface nitriding heat treatment technology, shot peening process of spring

  • Shot Peening Technology for the Integral Panel of Supercritical Wings of Large Aircraft


    Have you ever known that the successful development of the ARJ21 aircraft is inseparable from the small pellets with a size of less than 4 mm or even smaller, and the successful development of the ARJ21 aircraft supercritical wing panel's complex aerodynamic profile is even more inseparable from these small pellets grain.

  • What are the advantages of the glass sandblasting process and how to make the glass frosting effect


    Glass has good see-through, light transmission properties, high chemical stability, and can obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect according to different processing methods, and can even make the glass autonomously change color and isolate excessive light, so it is commonly used To meet different needs in all walks of life. Next, please look at the glass frosting process and the production method of the glass frosting effect to enhance your understanding.

  • What factors will affect the blasting effect of the blasting machine?


    The factors that affect the roughness of the surface are the strength and hardness of the part material, the diameter of sandblasting, the angle and speed of sandblasting, and the original surface roughness of the part.
    Strength and surface hardness of the part material, the more difficult the plastic deformation, the shallower the crater, the smaller the surface roughness value; the smaller the diameter of the sandblasting, the slower the speed, the shallower the crater , The surface roughness value becomes smaller

  • Sandblasting equipment used in roll texturing


    This roller sand blasting equipment is used for sandblasting of electroplated rollers, rollers, pattern rollers, roller shafts, and roller rubber rollers. Automatic roller sandblasting is mainly suitable for the surface treatment of mechanical rollers in paper towels, paper products, film (stretched film), leather products and other industries.

  • On November 19, 2019, the customized liquid sandblasting machine for automotive repair was successfully completed


    Used in car repair liquid sandblasting machine uses sand and water mixed sandblasting to make the surface more delicate and less abrasive consumption; its spray gun can be fixed or hand-held operation, light and flexible, suitable for surface treatment of workpieces and products, matte finish The sandblasting treatment is mainly used in the cleaning, cleaning, roughness, finishing, removing the front, descaling, beautifying, increasing adhesion, decontamination and other production process requirements of the wheel surface treatment treatment, due to the production process and output According to different requirements, the blast cleaning equipment for automobile wheels can also choose manual blasting machine, automatic intermittent blasting machine or non-standard customized automatic blasting equipment.


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