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Zhejiang TongBao Surface Processing Equipment Technology Co., LTD

Tongbao Company warmly welcomes all sectors of the society to contact us, we are waiting for your inquiry around the clock!

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Sales Hotline: 86-571-82735528


No.359 Zhenye Road Tongxiang City, Zhejiang China

Satisfy customers and add value to customers

"There is no customer's fault, only the service is not in place", this is the key to building a good customer relationship. "Customers are always right", this is Tongbao's requirements for employees. Our purpose is only one: customer satisfaction; the service staff must be anxious to the customer, think about what the customer thinks, and do their best to save the customer time and bring more residual value.

Have scruples buying?

We combine your specific needs, configure the appropriate equipment model and processing technology for you, and patiently answer your questions.

How to buy accessories?

The company has a complete accessory system to provide you with reliable and fast accessory services, complete models, high-quality and durable accessories.

Not satisfied with the price?

As a direct selling manufacturer, Tongbao has a fair and reasonable price. Choose Tongbao to ensure quality and quantity for you.

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Tel 86-571-82735528


Address  No.359 Zhenye Road Tongxiang City, Zhejiang China

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