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Stainless steel shot, stainless steel bead spherical abrasive

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Stainless steel beads,stainless steel shots are a kind of high-performance spherical metal abrasive produced by atomization technology. Its quality and performance are very good. In terms of quality, compared with economy and environment, ordinary nickel-based abrasives have constant nickel content and good elasticity, which is quite different from ordinary abrasives.


1. Long life

2. Impact resistance after sandblasting

3. It is the effect of delaying corrosion of steel or casting products according to the film formed after sandblasting

4. Anti-moisture and less static electricity

5. The amount of dust is small, and the waste disposal cost is saved

Specifications of Stainless Steel Shot/Bead Abrasive



WSB-5: 1.00mm1.40mm 

WSB-10: 0.80mm1.00mm 

WSB-20: 0.60mm0.80mm

WSB-30: 0.40mm0.60mm

WSB-40: 0.30mm0.40mm

WSB-60: 0.20mm0.30mm

WSB-80: 0.15mm0.25mm

WSB-100: 0.10mm0.20mm

 WSB-150: 0.08mm0.12mm 

WSB-200: 0.04mm0.08mm

WSB-250: 0.02mm0.06mm

WSB-300: 0.00mm0.02mm

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