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High density black G3P fine polishing abrasive

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The high-density black G3P irregular fine polishing abrasive is mainly composed of ultrafine chromium corundum powder, combined with a metal bond, and united into a new type of combined abrasive of one thickness and one thickness, so that the product has a greater strength and ratio (3.33g/cm). It has a good effect on the polishing and polishing of the processed workpiece, and it has a better effect on the high-hard material workpiece, and the smoothness is higher. The mirror brightness can be achieved in a short time, which is compatible with the high-frequency porcelain and high-aluminum porcelain on the market. Compared with similar products such as bright abrasive block, it has a strong advantage.

"G" series is a polishing abrasive block. The 3P type can rub on any ditch, foot and other parts of the workpiece. The advantage of G3P irregular fine polishing abrasive is that ordinary polishing requires 3 processes to complete, and G3P only needs one. The process can be achieved.

High-density black G3P fine polishing abrasive parameters




35s, 30s, 25s, 20s, 16s, 14s, 12s, 10s, 8s, 6s  

G3P spheres

φ2, φ3, φ4, φ5, φ6, φ8,

φ10, φ12,φ14, φ16, φ18, φ20   

The shape of G3P is: irregular shape, cylindrical shape, spherical shape, triangle

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