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High-frequency porcelain abrasive abrasive block, fine polishing abrasive

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High-frequency porcelain grinding stones are mainly used for the "precision grinding" of parts and the brightener is used together with a better effect. From the appearance, it is divided into spherical, oblique triangle, regular triangle, cylindrical and so on.

High-frequency porcelain polishing stone is a kind of metal surface polishing material. Its surface is fine, wear-resistant, and its hardness is dozens of times higher than general polishing stone. It is commonly used for surface polishing, light cutting, fine polishing, vibration light, surface treatment before chemical treatment, and fine grinding before electroplating of products made of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, white iron, titanium alloy, resin (plastic).

Frequency porcelain fine polishing grinding stone is suitable for vibrating grinding and polishing machine, drum type grinding and polishing machine, centrifugal polishing machine, eddy current type polishing machine.

The main cylindrical specifications of high frequency porcelain fine polishing grinding stones are: 1*3, 1.3*3, 1.5*5, 2.5*8, 3*10, 3.5*10, 4*14, 5*17, 7*23, 8*26, 10*40mm and so on.

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