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Manual liquid wet sandblasting machine, sandblasting cabinet TB-WN9090

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Manual liquid wet sandblasting machine (box-type water sandblasting machine) TB-WN9090 is widely used for sandblasting of stainless steel products, gold and silver jewelry, crystal glass products, electrical parts, metal products, etc.

Product features of manual liquid wet sandblasting machine:

1. Clean the oxide scale, residual salt and welding slag of heat-treated parts, welded parts, castings, forgings, etc. The cleaning quality can reach Sa3 level.

2. Clean up the tiny burrs and surface residues of machined parts.

3. Change the surface roughness Ra value of the workpiece.

4. It can be used as a pretreatment before coating on the surface of the workpiece to obtain an active surface and improve the adhesion of the coating.

5. It can be used for the finishing of high-precision and complex-shaped parts that are difficult to complete by other processing methods.

6. It can be used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece surface, such as changing the surface stress state, improving the lubrication conditions of the mating parts, and reducing the noise during the movement of the mating parts.

7. It is suitable for refurbishing old parts.

8. It is used for mold cleaning, does not damage the surface of the mold, ensures the accuracy of the mold, and improves the grade of the product.

Manual liquid wet sandblasting machine TB-WN9090

Product size (mm): 1590×975×1750

Working chamber size (mm): 900×900×700

Door size (mm): 790×625

Product quality: about 280kg

Door opening method: side door

Number of spray guns: 1

Caliber (mm): 8

Power supply: 380V, 50HZ

Lighting lamp: 220V, 2×12W, LED light

Compressed air source pressure: 5-8 bar (kg/cm2)

Compressed air source volume: 0.8—1.5 m3/min

Recommended abrasive type: corundum abrasive

Abrasive particle size: 30#~320#

Abrasive particle size consumption: about 15kg

Grinding fluid storage: 42L

Water source: industrial tap water

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