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Small desktop manual sandblasting machine, small sandblasting cabinet

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Small desktop manual sandblasting machine Tongbao sandblasting equipment is a relatively small jet blasting machine. Due to its compact size, it is more suitable for occasional use in laboratories or small workshops. As a result of the "micro-blasting" jet blasting system, it can be operated in a variety of different blasting media.

Parameters of small desktop manual sandblasting machine:

Model: TB-S500

Machine dimensions (mm): about 660×530×H570MM

Machine shell material: Q235

Lighting in the machine cabin: 24v, 1×10w led light

Equipment compartment door: top manual

Dust removal power: 2.2KW

Number of spray guns: 1

Nozzle diameter (mm): φ4 (optional)

Power supply input voltage: AC AC100-240V 50/60HZ, output voltage: DC 24V, output current: 5A

Compressed air source pressure: 5-8bar (kg/cm2)

Compressed air source volume: 0.4~1 m3/min

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