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Box body dry manual sandblasting machine TB-SN850

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Product advantages:

This machine is easy to operate, reliable, has good processing efficiency, low energy consumption, and can meet different processing needs.

This machine is equipped with a dust removal system. The dust removal system can process and collect the discharged wasteful dust, and can automatically vibrate to clean the dust (ash). The dust removal effect is good, there is no environmental pollution, and the dust emission concentration meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Application field:

This machine is suitable for surface sandblasting of various metal, plastic products and other workpieces and products to remove oxide scale residues, burrs and scratches. It can also be used for pretreatment before spraying and electroplating to improve the adhesion of the coating surface , It can also be used for finishing, frosting, strengthening and cleaning of the surface of the workpiece.

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