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Double station turntable liquid automatic sandblasting machine equipment TB-SW1419-6W

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Double station turntable liquid automatic sandblasting machine equipment TB-SW1419-6W

This sandblasting machine is a double-station rotary disc type liquid sandblasting machine. The liquid sandblasting machine changes the traditional dry blasting method. It puts sand (abrasive) in water, uses a grinding liquid pump and compressed air to pass The spray gun sprays the grinding fluid onto the workpiece at high speed to achieve the purpose of cleaning and finishing the surface of the part. Liquid sandblasting has high work efficiency and low abrasive consumption, can improve the surface finish of the workpiece, increase the strength of the surface, and fundamentally change the pollution to the environment. The installation of the equipment is convenient without a separate workshop, and it can be installed directly on the production line. Therefore, liquid blasting is better than dry blasting. Liquid sandblasting is a new technology introduced from abroad and a major change in sandblasting processing methods. It was affirmed and welcomed by customers as soon as it came out. In terms of the industries used, there are aviation, aerospace, electronics, weapons, automation and optics and other instrumentation industries, machine tools, molds, hydraulic parts, hardware tools, automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, power machinery, trains and locomotives, etc. There are also textile machinery, food machinery, medical equipment, chemical machinery, metal materials, artificial crystals, springs, metal crafts and other industries.

Application of liquid sandblasting process

1. Clean the rough surface of precision castings

2. Remove oxide scale

3. Removal of microburrs from machining

4. Clean up dirt and rust stains

5. Prepare for other surface treatment processes

6. Finishing processing

7. In order to get a decorative surface without reflected light

8. In order to improve the performance of mechanical parts

Double station rotary table liquid automatic sandblasting machine equipment TB-SW1419-6W parameters

Model: TB-SW1419-6W

Machine dimensions (mm): about 1650×2360×H2520MM

Machine shell material: stainless steel material

Diameter of large turntable in cabin: 1150MM

Small turntable bearing workpiece: diameter 220MM*8

Grinding liquid pump motor: 5.5KW, 1 set

Grinding liquid pump model: TB50-type, 1 set

Spray gun swing motor: 0.4KW, 1 set

Lighting in the machine cabin: 24v, 2×10w led light

Turntable conveying and conveying motor: 0.4KW, 1 set

Mist exhaust fan: 1.5Kw, 1 set;

Fog discharge flow: 25.5m3/min

Dust removal power: 2hp

Number of spray guns: 6

Nozzle diameter (mm): φ8

Power supply: the total power is about 8kw, 380v (220), 50hz

Compressed air source pressure: 5-8bar (kg/cm2)

Compressed air source volume: 5-6 m3/min

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