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TBPS-2 Dry Manual Sandblasting Gun

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TBPS-2 dry manual sandblasting gun details

1. Comfortable handle: engineering plastic handle, comfortable to hold

2. High-quality material forging: precision forging, heat treatment, high hardness, sturdiness and durability

3. Trigger design: the ergonomically designed trigger has a baffle for easy use

4. High-quality sand pipe: sand pipe made of high-quality thick plastic, durable and not easy to wear


1. Wear-resistant, anti-scouring, durable

2. High temperature resistance 1600℃

3. Water absorption rate <0.2%

4. Body density 3.6-3.8g/cm3, firm texture

5. Hardness ≥87 HRA

TBPS-2 dry manual sandblasting gun is mainly used for glass sandblasting, engraving and other deep processing, marble and other stone engraving and inscription processing, and can also be used for machinery, mold processing, metallurgical casting and other industrial machinery parts, casting surface sand cleaning, in addition to rust.

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