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Tongbao drive shaft ball cage universal joint cleaning and descaling sandblasting equipment

The ball cage, drive shaft, and universal joint are very important parts of a car engine. In the manufacturing process, after heat treatment, a large amount of oxides are produced on the surface. Sandblasting is a kind of surface technology equipment to clean the oxides on the surface of the ball cage, drive shaft, and universal joint. Many manufacturers of ball cages, drive shafts, and universal joints now use manual sandblasting machines and traditional automatic sandblasting machines. With the improvement of manufacturing technology, labor costs have risen. The company designed a full-automatic ball cage, drive shaft, universal joint special automatic sandblasting machine, the equipment does not require manual operation, all functions can be fully automated operation, with high degree of automation, stable performance and other effects.


Basic information and characteristics of sandblasting machine for automobile ball cage universal joint drive shaft:

1. The large turntable rotates intermittently, and the small turntable rotates; 2. The nozzle is made of special high wear-resistant ceramic material, which has a long service life;

3. The position of each spray gun can be adjusted according to the shape of the workpiece;

4. The spray gun can swing or be fixed for sandblasting, and the swing speed of the spray gun and the rotation of the small turntable can be adjusted by frequency conversion;

5. The clamping is stable, and the workpiece is quick and convenient;

6. Good processing efficiency and high production efficiency;

7. The special cyclone separation system ensures the uniformity of the product sandblasting effect;

8. Using PLC electrical control system, high degree of automation, good stability and low failure rate;

9. The main components of the main engine are all domestic and foreign products with good stability;

10. Independent recycling bag dust removal system, after careful calculation, good ventilation performance, environmental protection and pollution-free (also optional: pulse filter dust removal);

11. Various automatic sandblasting equipment and sandblasting production lines can be customized according to customer needs.




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