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Household pot automatic sandblasting machine

Sandblasting machine applicable products(Household pot automatic sandblasting machine)

This equipment is suitable for the mass production of discs, cylinders and polygonal workpieces, such as: rice cookers, heating plates, cylinders, bottles, resin crafts, CD shells, camera shells and other products such as sandblasting. Can be customized according to customer needs (the number of spray guns, machine size, etc. can be customized according to customer needs).

Sandblasting of various round, oval, square, plate and special-shaped parts, such as: non-stick pan, electric frying pan, rice cooker, bakeware (stove), microwave oven, washing basin, heating plate (tube) , Aluminum wheel gallery, handicrafts, decorations and communication equipment.

Applicable sand materials: 

alumina, gold steel sand, glass beads, walnut sand, resin sand, fine steel shots, steel sand, stainless steel shots, aluminum shots, etc.

The automatic sandblasting machine for household pots from Tongbao Company contributes to the quality of Chinese rice cookers.


The following is from the Internet news about China-Japan rice cooker PK


Fighting nutrition: there is little difference between domestic and Nissan

Of course, tasting alone does not seem to be able to tell the difference between the two rice cookers. We used the two rice cookers to make a comparison in the laboratory. The content of the test is the sugar, amino acid and other indicators of the rice cooked by the two rice cookers. The results show that there is not much difference. In some indicators, the rice cooked by domestic rice cookers is even more advantageous.

Japanese expert: There is little difference in manufacturing technology between the two countries

Junichi Miyaguchi, a senior Japanese rice cooker expert, has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. He once worked in research and development in companies such as Toshiba, Japan, and currently works in an electrical company in my country. Regarding the question of the difference between the rice cookers produced by the two countries, Miyaguchi said that there are not too many differences in the manufacturing technology of rice cookers between the two countries.

Mr. Miyaguchi took the reporter to see a few of the rice cooker liners he was studying. He said that the liner materials and coating technology used in many domestic rice cookers are not lagging behind Japan, but this is not what makes a good pot of rice. core. "In Japan, the realization of comprehensive heating and uniform heating is what each manufacturer hopes to achieve. Because the rice after uniform heating is more sweet, each manufacturer is propagating in this direction. It is better to say that the core technology is pot. A heating method."

Heating method is the core technology of rice cooker

Mr. Miyaguchi told reporters that ordinary rice cookers are heated by a piece of electric heating iron at the bottom of the inner pot, which is likely to cause uneven heating. The IH three-dimensional electromagnetic heating technology can realize all-round three-dimensional uniform heating, and can accurately control the heat to meet the needs of different cooking methods.

"Although China's development in IH was later than Japan's, China has developed relatively fast in terms of technology. Now there is no difference in control with Japanese IH technology, and basically reached the same technical level."

In addition, some domestic companies’ IH technology has also applied for patents in Japan and South Korea, and such rice cookers can be bought in China for less than one thousand yuan. According to Mr. Miyaguchi, Chinese manufacturing is not backward in terms of craftsmanship and technology, but the Japanese seem to be more willing to spend time and energy on more expensive and sophisticated rice cookers. Rice cookers sell for more than 10,000 yuan in Japan, and Chinese brands have no such products.


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