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Automatic door and receiving roller crawler sandblasting machine can solve the efficiency of mass production and processing and save time and labor

The automatic door and receiving roller crawler sandblasting machine consists of the host, roller crawler system, automatic door system, spray gun, spray gun system, separator circulation system, automatic feeding system, dust box system, electrical system, air compressor (user Self-provided), control box composition.


The working principle of this equipment adopts suction sand blasting, which uses compressed air to flow in the spray gun at a high speed to form the ejection effect caused by negative pressure. The abrasive in the cyclone separator is sucked into the spray gun through the sand blasting tube, and then the compressed air flows from the nozzle at high speed. Spray out to achieve sandblasting on the surface of the workpiece. The sprayed abrasives fall back to the sand hopper for recycling. The dust generated during sandblasting is drawn out by the dust collector and separated by the separator. The good abrasives accumulate to the bottom of the separator and fall back to the sand storage for recycling. , The dust is separated in two stages and is sucked into the cyclone dust collector and the dust collecting bucket of the dust box.

Features of this equipment:

1. Optional human-machine control interface, PLC electrical control system, high degree of automation, good stability, and low failure rate;

2. The spray gun can be oscillated or fixed-point sandblasting, and the swing speed of the spray gun and the rotation of the drum track can be variable frequency and stepless; 3. The sandblasting time can be freely adjusted according to the required sandblasting process of the workpiece;

4. The nozzle adopts special high-resistance boron carbide material with long service life;

5. The dust in the sandblasting cabin is recovered by the pulse filter dust box or the bag dust box (optional) and the sand material is automatically recycled.

This equipment is a new product designed and integrated with foreign technology research and design. It adopts a new type of sealed automatic door and automatic feeding and discharging system, and a hypothetical roller surrounded by rubber belts to make the cleaned workpieces roll evenly and reduce collisions. The cleaning effect is good. The equipment is widely used. It is used for sand cleaning, descaling and surface strengthening of small and medium-sized castings, forgings, stamping parts, non-ferrous metal castings, gears and springs. The whole machine is equipped with a dust collector, which meets the national environmental protection emission standards. With low noise, less space, stable performance, safety and reliability, it is an excellent and ideal sandblasting equipment in China.

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